Our Market

Teeming with potential.

The Arabian Gulf countries, including Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, Oman, Bahrain and the UAE, have enjoyed high oil prices for years. Even non-oil producers, like Jordan, have reaped benefits from their wealthy neighbors. In these countries, budget surpluses were almost universal and Western intervention fulfilled security and humanitarian needs. Now countries like Saudi Arabia and the UAE are taking leading roles in securing the region and solving humanitarian disasters in Syria and Palestine.

Empirical evidence suggests that these new responsibilities have uncovered needs for new products to support their effort. And with sagging oil prices, government entities are choosing to invest in new technologies for the long haul instead of relying on short-term expensive fixes. This creates unprecedented opportunity in the Gulf for US manufacturers, which have historically provided the latest solutions at competitive prices to these long-time trusted allies and trading partners. This market is teeming with potential. Private enterprise and government entities in the region have become valued customers, and this is where we find our niche.