The Industries We Serve

Below is a sampling of some of the industries whose products we deliver to buyers in the Arabian Gulf. Marley International Group is always looking to expand our offerings as consumer, enterprise and government needs in the region evolve.

Power and Water Generation

Cutting-edge potable water generation equipment and renewable energy-producing equipment is always of interest to our customers. The cost-prohibitive nature of water desalinization and transportation has spurred the development of new technologies the Arabian Gulf countries thirst for.

Security and Defense

In an ever-changing security landscape, foreign-allied governments seek new technology to protect the homeland and assume a leading role in their own defense. From electro-optical, non-RF communication to the latest multiplatform light attack helicopters, we understand the market.

Medical Technology

In a region seeing an alarming rise in the rate of obesity, diabetes and cancer among its citizens, there is a massive uptick in government spending for new hospitals, regional medical centers and the equipment and drugs to combat the toughest causes.